As you may found out, I haven’t been uploading anything for the last months. The reason for this is my new Website. I’ve been working on it for half a year now and it is in a stage where I can finally share it with everyone.

If you were interested in my older posts and still are, then I would invite you to check out my new website:

I hope I’ll see you there! Thanks for all the support so far. I really appreciated it!


!! New Year – New Website !!


I’ve been working on giving you a whole new platform for quite some time. I appreciate every comment and opinions from you!

I’m still finishing the last updates for the optimized look and experience on
natchurally 2.0.

My new Website and my blog moved to
I hope I’ll see you there!

Happy New Year by the way!

Back in the business


Long time no see guys!

I’m happy to be back after that long period of time!  I was working on several projects and many new exciting things! The first improvement you can already see, is the new design of my blog. It is not finished yet though. I’ll be working on updating my old posts and changing things up a little. Because of the lack of time I have currently, the updates will come step by step but they will come!

Thanks for sticking with me and supporting the blog! I’m going to put a lot more effort and time into it and promise to post more often and hopefully more frequently! My goal is to post every week, and I give me best to meet this goal for you!

I’m looking forward to give you more inside into my life and the graphic design world!