Work in progress


I’m still in the time consuming work of term exam preparation. Many things need to be done!

A lot of designs will probably need a touch of perfection here and there but I think that is only the little part of it. The time necessary for completing design can vary quite heavily. Usually there is a certain average time which you can take to guess how long something might take but keep in mind that there are tasks and certain life situation where time isn’t easy to manage.

In the design industry you’re often faced with difficulties or problems along the way and might find it hard to do something. Be aware of your own capibilities and what you can or cannot do when time is short. Sometimes it helps to take a break, a walk outside or even one or two days off, in order to find your creativity again.

Art, design or any work for that matter needs time. That is as important as the actual work process itself, but try not to procrastinate for too long, otherwise it can get really tough in the end.

Do you struggle with beginning work early, or are you working right from the start? I’m interested to know how you manage time and work.


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