Flowers and patterns

header2014_01_13.jpgExams for this term are coming up soon. This means for  me and my students the stress of doing unfinished work and getting all up and ready, begins. The next two weeks are dedicated for painting, illustrating, cutting and painting. A lot of designs have to be redone or at least getting in the best shape possible. Thus we didn’t really start something new I can show you. But now I have the opportunity to give you a few examples of my work  so far. I won’t show you everything though so we have more over time, which allows me to finish them up.

Here is a series of  three patterns with the use of a single shape, in my case a simplified flower, multiplied and put into a pattern. The main focus should be on the patterns itself so we had to make them black and white. I wouldn’t prefer this method for this particular task but it draws at least enough attention for details in the grid.

patterns flower

The next examples are meant to be postcards for a fictional client: “The International Plant-Akademie”. For this one I had plenty, over 20, different design and we should limit our collection to three. Both of the two green layouts are pretty much done, whilst the  big flower made out of  tiny ones, are possibly sitting in the lower half of a postcard. What do you think? 

flower postcard


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