Some helpful links



Since the school hasn’t stated yet and consequently I can’t really show you new stuff, I thought I’d share some useful links with you. There are a ton of blogs and other content about Design, Art and more and so I want to give you every now and then a few hand picked sources which might help you.

We all know the situation, where we have a design in mind or a layout but the font doesn’t  fit the style or purpose we want. So here is a very good page where you can basically find the top 100 fonts of all time. The collection is in German but the fonts are still the same in any other language, obviously. Die 100 Besten Schriften You can browse through them and might find one or two which you buy right away or search for free alternatives somewhere else cos fonts are not the cheapest things for sure! I often find myself reading through the history in the description of the font and I’m sure there is a lot to learn which you may did not know about your favorite font besides  all typefaces.

For the majority of people a great way of learning  is through videos. So Youtube is quite an obvious choice but the vast variety of channels can be overwhelming. Here are some of my favorite Youtube channel for Design:  Stephen Looney and Karen Kavett are making great videos giving tips about the business about specific techniques and more. Make sure to check them out.

I will provide you with more links, tips, and of course more content about my graphic design education next time. Leave me any suggestion of which other websites you like me to check out!




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