Colour Theory and Contrasts

We all see it every day and when it’s missing everything seems incomplete – colour.  It is a crucial part of design and should be wisely chosen before used! The knowledge of every colour and its association helps to communicate.

Firstly I want to talk a bit more about contrast. In order to show differences we use contrast in design. It’s an often used and much beloved principal. Not only is it emphasizing differences it can create connections as well. Here a couple of examples and basic contrasts you should know:

Colour Contrasts Many colour Theories exist but one is the basic and most common one. It’s the Colour wheel by Johannes Itten. He was a swiss Painter and art theorist and had a big influence on the Bauhaus Stil. His circle includes the 3 primary colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) in the middle, the secondary colours (Orange, Green and Purple) and the tertiary colours on the outside. Complementary colours are across from each other. Here it is:


Understand and purposely think about colour and what you can do with it! Experiment with it, have fun with it and make the world a bit more colourful!

Great Source for further information:


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