Everything that happened so far

Several weeks aren’t  easy to sum up, but I’ll try to give you as much information as possible.  Many tasks I worked on were mostly continuations of previous work. Nonetheless we got new ones of course.

In Typographie we had to draw “Hamburgefonts” this is a combination of letters which can show the appearance of any font. Here a few examples:


Another task was the illustration of a short poem. The limitations were to only use geometric shapes. The story is about a flower and a butterfly, but I won’t reveal more until it’s done.

Every Graphic Designer knows about the importance of print, even in todays digital world. Though many don’t know the history of print and the methods used back in the day. That’s why we made an excursion to an old print factory.  They still make a lot of prints with really old machines like the Linotype.

We could even print our own card. The technique we used was relief printing.  Here is my result :



Just a few more information concerning the web page and my other accounts.  I’m already on twitter and now I’m on Instagram as well, and the flickr account will be updated simultaneously. Constructive suggestions of any kind are very much appreciated!




Task for you: Try to figure out what fonts I used in the Hamburgefonts picture.


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