Birds and Posters

Today we worked on Vignettes, those tiny, simplified shapes in books. The function is to separate the stories content and to make it look more interesting. We had a great example of Vignettes. A collection of fairy tales with different stories, illustrated from various Artists.

I chose a simple yet meaningful animal for my stamp. A bird.  See for yourself, and tell me what you think are the two birds in the middle may represent or do.

birds02Adobe Illustrator is a key part of Graphic Design nowadays. Therefore we were introduced to it , finally. Although I had experience with it, I did learn some new things which make it easier to work with it.

A general idea I keep telling myself, is that you can always learn something new! This attitude in mind and a good feeling for life, and you’ll grow is a Graphic Designer but even more important, as a person!

Back to Illustrator. Besides all the basic stuff we learned (which you can find tutorials for, nearly everywhere online) we worked on great first examples. Here they are, two simple posters but good looking ones, I think.


If you just start working with Illustrator I suggest you watch tutorials on Youtube where you can learn all the basics from. Once you figured the main tools and functions out, have fun with it, experiment and play with everything. It’s an amazing tool you’ll love it!

The big advantage from Illustrator over Photoshop is, that you work with vectors not pixels. So you can scale and change everything just the way you want, for whatever you want.  Why not try to replicate the two posters I had to make?

I want to encourage you to get creative with Illustrator, and have fun making art/design. ( Incase you don’t have it yet, you can try it out for 30 days or find Open Source alternatives like Inkscape or Serif Drawplus..)

Don’t let you stop expressing yourself!


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