4 Seasons and the rest of the week

A hard and stressful week lies back and I’ll use the little time, to give a quick recap of what happened in the last week.


I finished the 4 seasons of the year, symbolized and illustrated with cut-out circles. The summer and the winter were done earlier and the fall and the spring are complete as well.



Another tasks, in order to determine how good we can draw, we got two pictures of people and we had to draw them. I’m not specified in drawing portraits but it was a good chance to work on that. Here are the two pictures and the drawings of them.

faces04 001

Topographie added, and a full packed design week is complete. Thus here are some of the work we did in the Typography lesson. This time we discussed and practised Ligature (the connection of certain letters with each other to make it more visually appealing)


In the following week, I’ll give my best to keep you updated and post more of my work!  Till then keep on being creative! 


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