Summer and Winter

The series of dots continues.

The today’s task was to use circles of various sizes to create the four seasons of the year. I was able to finish Summer and Winter. The most important thing in Design is to visualize ideas. Sounds easy but it sure isn’t.

For instance you get a certain word, like summer, and your job is it to create a logo or an illustration. It’s not very difficult if you can use yellow and lines. But there is not always the easy way out. In order to stand out from the crowd, you gotta think outside of the box.

My limit was the shape I had to use, circles and the color black. The sun is a circle, well at least on paper/ 2D. Consequently I could start there and create the most vivid symbol of summer. The high dominance of heat and overall action is shown in the large shape size and the amount of black.

summer 001

Winter had to be the exact opposite. I used only small circles and very little space, compared to summer. As a consequence I made use of negative space to lighten the mood and make it colder. The snowflakes are making it more clear and easier to understand the message.  I aligned them in a cross like order which gives them a crystal-ish feature.

winter 001Spring and Fall is still in progress. Of course I’ll give you the final set of the four seasons of the year, once they’re done. That gives you the opportunity to make your own versions of them. Whether you use just circles, or the color black, it doesn’t really matter.  But I highly suggest that you limit yourself in one way or another.

Now it’s your turn to get your scissors, paper and start your own four season set, illustrated with shapes and a bit of cleverness and a hand full of creativity! 


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