Painting with everyday objects

The idea of using more than just a brush isn’t new, nonetheless it’s great to see what you can come up with! That was another experimental task in the art lesson that was more like fun art than planned design.

But the well know German designer Anton Stankowski was always for combining art and design. I completely agree because the aesthetics of art and the function of design are bound to be one unit, in order to create a really great design, in my opinion.

What do you think? Should we separate art and design? Let me know.

So now to the task. We  pretty much had a lot of things of different materials. Bubble wrap, jeans, sponges and many other things were available to mess around with. That messing around factor was important to our teacher. She said the more free you are with your creativity the more great idea you can develope in design.  Which makes sense.

Examples of my creative, abstract paintings:


And some textures :


And you guessed it, “Try it out yourself!”


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