More dots ?!

Yes. More dots and their feeling in space.

Every object on a surface is interpreted by our brain. When you see a dot in a square your brain tries to associate things of your past with the object. For instance if you see something on the left you think it’s going to the right.


The middle square are supposed to represent flying things like balloons. And the third one can be a stair or just a line going up. You probably have seen this kind of alignment in business graphs, to represent improvement.

The exact opposite is of course the falling composition of objects or positive space. Moreover the positioning to right seems to indicate an end state.


The last contrast I want to point out today is the contrast of size.  The bigger the difference of size is, the more tension is created.  Here an example.


I hope you’ll got a little more input and ideas of positioning and the use of intensional contrast.

In the next post I’ll show you what we did with potatoes, ink and a lot of paper.


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