Dot, dot, dots

In today’s lesson we talked about dots, and about more of course .

The dot is the smallest unit and everything is, more or less, based on it.  For the most part Graphic Design is presented on 2 dimensions (height and width) The paper or underground is the surface on which you work on. It consists of positive and negative space. Positive space is usually defined as the object, and the negative space is the rest of the not used space left.

At the time you place your first dot, the space becomes a room of action.  The more objects the higher is the complexity. But there are more aspects of composition and the dynamic of it.

You can simply change the position of your dot for example, and you’ll end up having a completely different feeling/ meaning of your work.  Here are four squares with dots. Look at them and pay attention to what you think the dots are doing in the space.

The first one is placed in the visual center (a little above the the perfect center). It looks motionless and calm.  The next three have a dot more, creating a certain relation to each other.

Here a few more:


 But instead of me explaining what happens here, I want you to think about the motion the dynamic and the relation and the resulting feeling of these compositions.

In the next post I’ll give more information about variations of size, number, positioning, and contrast of objects and how exactly they influence the overall look.


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